Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Anyway......

I happened to be looking at my mail when nosey Jeff says "Since when do you Blog??" And I thought to myself....Why not???

I am not sure if you will find out anything truly profound in my blogs and there will be times that Jeff will be blogging -- so I am sure there will be some intelligent information shared here.

My niece Nikki was here this week with her three week old son, Kyren Michael. He is a cutey and we all just fell in love.

We took a cute video of Great Grandpa Howard telling the baby..."Mopar or No Car...."
Well enough for tonight!
Peace -


Amanda said...

Welcome to the blogging world!

Kelly said...

Hi Memare! Welcome to blogging. We missed you on our visit to Indiana. Hope to see you next time!

Grandma Wanda said...

Hi Memare!  How fun - more family blogs:)